How to Use DEF

DEF is a simple and non-hazardous product. However, SCR system is extremely sensitive to impurities; for this reason it is essential to prevent DEF contamination to ensure SCR system functions correctly, and also to avoid expensive repair costs. Below some clear rules to follow when using the solution:

def do's Do’s

  • Always pour DEF exclusively into the DEF tank. Both the nozzle pistol and filler cap of the tank are clearly marked
  • Only use DEF equipment when storing or refilling DEF
  • Always keep DEF equipment clean and free from dust or dirt
  • Ensure DEF tank and container seals are intact
  • Use demineralised water (or DEF) when cleaning internally or priming DEF equipment
  • Protect against misuse by not mixing with tap water, fuel, oil or other liquids
  • Wear protective clothing in case of handling of large quantities of DEF with the risk of a spill
  • In case of accidental spill of DEF on the ground, in a vehicle or on a painted surface, rinse thoroughly with water
  • Protect from extreme temperatures. DEF starts freezing at an ambient temperature of 12˚F
  • Gently warm the container to melt the DEF if it freezes in its storage container. DEF can be used again, once thawed, as it returns to its original state
  • Protect DEF from direct sunlight
  • Store below an ambient temperature of 86˚F as DEF can start to decompose
  • Chill your DEF container if it becomes over heated by spraying the sealed container with water

def don'ts Don’ts

  • Do not fill DEF into the diesel tank
  • Do not fill diesel into the DEF tank
  • Do not fill the DEF tank with water or any other liquid
  • Do not mix DEF with other liquids – it is not an additive
  • Do not use DEF if contaminated with tap water or other substances such as diesel fuel
  • Avoid spilling DEF on the ground as the surface may become slippery or the concrete or brickwork could be effected
  • Do not leave spilt DEF unwashed
  • Never operate a vehicle without DEF. It is illegal to do so, and will result in extra downtime
  • Do not use other substances other then DEF eg “Urea Solution”. Costly damage may occur in the SCR system
  • Do not over-ride the system, it may affect your warranty, and it is illegal
  • Do not use dirty equipment, such as funnels, jugs or oil containers for refilling DEF
  • Do not store DEF in direct sunlight

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